Works & Responsibilities

Works & Responsibilities

Like Wings Foundation works for and with children, it works for equality, equal education, equal nutrition, equal health, equal opportunities. .

Like Wings Foundation has paved the way to education and a brighter future for disadvantaged children across India. The children are given an education that not only focuses on their academics but also provides an overall development through private English medium institutions.

Like Wings Foundation provides tuition fees, school supplies like uniform & books and boarding facilities from pre-primary to bachelor’s degree for the children. Having made a difference in the lives of many children and supporting children in the current year.

We at Like Wings Foundation are committed to work for the most marginalised children of our society.

You can also join this family and can do your bit to help the most disadvantaged children of India. Together we can help them claim their right to a childhood they can cherish and deserve. We run solely on donations and to sustain our projects and continue setting up more of them, your support is vital.

Any amount donated by you will be utilised by Like Wings Foundation to strategise and execute on-ground projects to benefit the most disadvantaged children of India. We ensure that our response is timely and is delivered at an appropriate scale. While we appreciate one-time donations, monthly donations help us plan our programmes better and sustain them for a longer duration.