Values and Beliefs

Values and Beliefs

Our mission is to promote innovative solutions to education challenges and inspire action that creates positive, sustainable futures for children and youth worldwide.

Every child in every nation will have access to a quality education. This education will prepare children to become responsible and engaged citizens, ready for life in a changing world.

Like Wings Foundation delivers its humanitarian mission based on a platform of four core beliefs.

We believe each child possesses a unique set of gifts and talents. Educators and others invested in the education of children should value each child as a unique and special individual.

We believe that there are key principles that join our world together through the common bonds of human dignity and respect. All those concerned with the education of children should uphold these universal principles.

We believe that educational experiences are enhanced by instructional strategies and learning environments that offer the very best opportunities for children's learning within the context of the nation, community, city, town or village in which children live.

We believe all children should be educated in environments of fairness where there is freedom from bias or favoritism and where access to, and participation in, educational experiences are the cornerstone of the home, school and community.