Sports For Development

Sports For Development

Sports brings cultures together and bridges gaps between countries and across generations. It is recognised as an essential element of learning through physical activities and games. These activities have been a great motivator to enhance the spirit of learning and leadership, especially amongst the rural children.

With an intention to reinforce the youth of our country with the power of sportsmanship Like Wings Foundation celebrates August 29 as Sports Day annually in rural areas across 4 states in India. The Sports Day is designed to promote and foster community connection through active participation in various games and activities organised during the event.

Like Wings Foundation also focuses on using sports as a medium to encourage learning and breed leadership among the youth in the rural areas. Bringing people from various villages together leads to stronger bond between tribes, neighbours and families. This initiative is a medium to enhance community partnership and promote traditional rural sports. Sports Day brings together more than 5,000 people every year who enjoy different games and sports. It has resulted in youth transforming into Community Youth Leaders and serving as mentors to the village children.

The program uses sports and activities as a tool for development to bring about positive changes.