Hope In Communities

Hope In Communities

In countries like India, families face many socio-economic challenges such as, poverty, lack of shelter and protection, and limited access to education and health care. These factors can increase the vulnerabilities of children and lead to a breakdown of the family unit.

Ensure children:

  • Learn about their rights and value at free after-school activities and children’s clubs
  • Live in environments where they experience love, belonging, healthy relationships and a shared history and culture
  • Receive valuable life-skills Are empowered to be leaders
  • Receive opportunities to express their views and opinions
  • Encouraged to reach their potential

With the majority of the world’s children and youth living in developing countries, we believe it is important to empower children and adolescents with a strong sense of community. We also believe that the best place for children is in a safe, supportive family unit. As part of a healthy family, children find their sense of belonging, experience love, build life-long relationships and connect with their communities.

Thank you for believing in the importance of healthy and vibrant families and community. We encourage you to donate to Hope in Communities, which will support Foundation work in strengthening families and helping children find their place in communities.