Frequently Asked Questions

1What is Like Wings Foundation?
Like Wings Foundation exists because people like you believe in the transforming power of education, and the ability we all have to bring about positive change in people’s lives. Thanks to the help of donors and supporters, we have helped provide education for the needy, protection for the vulnerable and empowerment for the undervalued. This generosity, has helped thousands of children, women and their families experience a life beyond all expectations. Like Wings Foundation Trust is non-profit organisation that is committed to alleviating poverty by providing children with educational opportunities, promoting the holistic development children and communities, and addressing social issues such as child rights, life skills, Medical Service and health education.
2What is Like Wings Foundation mission?
At Like Wings Foundation we believe hope finds its truest expression when given and received in community. That’s why our mission of ‘giving hope by fostering permanent positive change in the lives of disadvantaged children and communities’ happens in collaboration with donors and supporters, with implementing partners and with governments. Our mission is about empowerment for today and hope for the future.
3Where do donated funds go?
About 80 per cent of donations received go to support our programs, Educate Children, Medical Service and activities. The other 20 per cent covers costs such as administration, community education and fundraising activities in India.