About Us

About Us

Like Wings Foundation is a non-profit organization registered under the Government of Karnataka.

At Like Wings Foundation, our vision is to build an inclusive India by pioneering a holistic model to address our nation’s multifaceted development challenges, and contribute to its collective aspirations. Central to our philosophy is the commitment to enhance the quality of life of people from marginalised and vulnerable communities, by empowering them and catalysing change through innovative and sustainable solutions.

Like Wings Foundation has been creating a positive change by providing education, medical, opportunities, relief and community development activities through ongoing sponsorship programs and development initiatives for disadvantaged children and their communities across India.

Like Wings Foundation focuses on a two-pronged approach to deliver opportunities for the marginalized groups; firstly, providing financial assistance towards the education of disadvantaged children through a network of private English medium schools, colleges and vocational training centers; and secondly, through the implementation of development initiatives and projects focused on building teaching staff capacity, infrastructure, resources, and long-term sustainability within the schools and surrounding communities.